Giacomo Battiston


I am a Post-Doc at the Free University of Bozen. From February 2021, I'll by a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Padova. My research interests lie at the intersection between development economics and political economy, with a particular focus on the economics of migration, and on the determinants of conflict. In my work, I combine economic theory, structural econometrics and experimental methods.

My job market paper studies border enforcement in the Mediterranean Sea. It investigates the conflicting objectives of policy in managing migration flows, and the role of public and media attention in influencing policy decisions. Find here a post about my JMP on World Bank's Development Impact Blog.

With coauthors, I am currently running a randomized controlled trial in the Republic of Guinea, where we investigate the impact of an information intervention on migration decisions.


Mail: giacomo.battiston [at]

Twitter: [at] giac_bat

Github: giacomobattiston

Phone: +39 02 5836 5482

Skype: giacomo.battiston

Department of Economics

Room 5-E2-03

Bocconi University

Via Roentgen, 1

20136 – Milan, Italy


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