Giacomo Battiston


I obtained a PhD in Economics from Bocconi University and I am currently a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Padova. My research interests lie at the intersection between development economics and political economy, with a particular focus on the economics of migration and on the determinants of conflict. In my work, I combine economic theory, structural econometrics, and experimental methods.

In `Rescue on Stage: Border Enforcement and Public Attention in the Mediterranean', I study border enforcement at the southern borders of the EU. I investigate the conflicting objectives of policy in managing migration flows, and the role of public and media attention in influencing policy decisions. Find here a post about this paper on the World Bank Development Impact Blog.

With coauthors, I ran a randomized controlled trial in the Republic of Guinea, where we evaluate the impact of an information intervention about risk and economic outcomes of migration on migration decisions.


Mail: gcm.battiston [at]

Twitter: [at] giac_bat

Github: giacomobattiston

Skype: giacomo.battiston

Department of Economics and Management

Università di Padova

Via del Santo, 22

Padova, 35123, Italy

[Find codes for this website in this github repository.]